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The fastest-growing segment of credit card use today is in card-not-present transactions in which a customer makes his or her purchase by mail order or telephone order (MOTO), by facsimile, or via the Internet instead of being physically present at the merchant location.

If you want to start processing credit cards for Internet, telephone, or mail order transactions, you will need a special merchant account specifically designed for that purpose. Because you never take physical possession of a credit card so that you can swipe it through a magnetic strip reader, both Visa and MasterCard use different criteria for evaluating risk and have different fee structures for card-not-present transactions.

Credit Card Transactions Inc., through our payment software and virtual terminal, can help you easily establish such an online merchant account. Through the internet merchant account the entire process will take just minutes of your time and you will be up and running in a matter of days.

The following pages are setup in a specific order to help you put together the right combination of online credit card payment processing software or terminal equipment, and the services that best meet your needs.

When you reach the end of this process, you will be ready to complete our online application, or to speak with an authorized Credit Card Transactions Inc. sales consultant. If you meet our liberal approval guidelines, your application can be approved quickly and simply. In most cases, we can tell you in minutes if your application will be approved, and can complete the entire process in a matter of days.

Virtual Terminal and Internet Payment Gateway Software

The Merchant Interface

The Merchant Interface which provides you with secure online access to your Integrated Payment Service (IPS) account allows you to manage all aspects of your account. Here are just some of the features of the Merchant Interface:

  • Access to the Virtual Terminal
  • Real-time secure management of system settings
  • Dynamic reports of current and past transactions activities (screenshots below!)
  • Ability to search transaction histories
  • Management of credits and returns (screenshots below!)
  • Access to AVS (Address Verification) filters
  • Password Management
  • Recurring billing and batch upload functions

The Virtual Terminal – Overview

The Virtual Terminal is a secure, browser-based interface that provides:

  • A simple and secure, internet based interface that allows you to accept, authorize, process, and settle online credit card payments using any computer that has an Internet connection and a Web browser.
  • A faster and more secure processing connection than standard dial-up authorization systems, replacing standard terminals and software with expert optimization. View a screenshot of the Virtual Terminal in action below!


How A Transaction Is Processed Through the Virtual Terminal

  • A Customer phones, faxes, or mails in order, information to the Merchant using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card — or an electronic check (eCheck).
  • The Merchant manually enters the Customer’s payment information into the Virtual Terminal feature of the Merchant Interface. The Merchant may also upload a file with payment information via the Merchant Interface’s Upload Transaction File feature. (The Upload Transaction File feature of the Virtual Terminal allows you to upload a file containing multiple transactions to the Payment Gateway, providing a quick solution for recurring and high-volume transaction processing.)
  • Whether via the Virtual Terminal or Upload File feature, the Customer’s payment information is transmitted securely to the Payment Gateway and SecureSource Risk Assessor for fraud screening and authorization.
  • The authorization (or decline) response is returned via the Merchant Interface to the Merchant.

Manage Transactions and Monitor Transaction Status

View, monitor, and manage the status of current and pending transactions with the click of a mouse! Run dynamic reports of past transactions activities in seconds!

Screenshot of Current Transaction Management:

Screenshot of Dynamic Transaction Reports Interface of the Merchant Menu:

Manage Credits and Returns: The Virtual Terminal In-Action!

Using the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal portion of the Merchant Interface allows the merchant to manage credits and returns with every little effort, as well as charge credit cards or debit electronic checks.

We hope that you find this gateway software information helpful, detailed, and straightforward. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to give us a call.

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